17 September PM
18 September AM
18 September PM

After Thousands Of Parents Refused To Comply Another CA School District Vax Mandate Falls
Judge Ruled Schools Have No Authority To Mandate Medical Procedures For Children Infogalactic PageArchive Link
Gallup: Biden Approval Rating Plunges Below Kamala
Harris Still More "Disapproved Of" Than Biden Infogalactic Page

Alexa Tells Child To Touch Live Outlet With Penny
Amazon Spokesperson Said Error Within Alexa Has Been Fixed Infogalactic PageArchive Link

Scots Urged Not To Evade Covid Rules By Celebrating New Year In England
Where Restrictions Are More Relaxed Infogalactic PageArchive Link

CNN Lost Another 38% of Viewers Last Year
In Prime-Time Time Slot Infogalactic PageArchive Link
Ghislaine Maxwell Found Guilty of 5 Of 6 Charges
Will She Be Epsteined? Infogalactic PageArchive Link

Aaron Rodgers: "If Science Can't Be Questioned, It's Not Science Anymore"
"It's Propoganda" Infogalactic PageArchive Link
Jake Tapper's Producer Resigns From CNN
Amid Pedo Scandal Infogalactic PageArchive Link

Israel Orders 100 Million Eggs Due To Bird Flu Outbreak
Eggs And Hens Must Be Destroyed To Contain The Outbreak Infogalactic PageArchive Link

Twitter Suspends mRNA Tech Inventor Dr. Robert Malone
Ran Counter To Covid Narrative Infogalactic PageArchive Link

Life Expectancy In 2020 Fell 2.3% To 77 Years
Does This Justify The Covid Panic? Infogalactic PageArchive Link
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