21 September PM
22 September AM
22 September PM
Security and Exchange Commission Hacked Last Year
Possibility of Illicit Trading From Stolen Info Discovered Last Month Infogalactic PageArchive Link
North Korean's up the threats further
Who would have thought suicide by Trump was a thing? Infogalactic PageArchive Link

Former Aussie PM head butted by SSM activist
This must be that tolerance and love they keep talking about Infogalactic PageArchive Link

Republican Healthcare Bill Targets State Funding
Republicans Still Need Six Votes Infogalactic PageArchive Link

Spain Docks Cruise Ship with 16,000 Riot Police in Barcelona Port
Madrid Attempts to Halt Catalonia Independence Vote Infogalactic PageArchive Link
Road To Electric Car Paradise Paved With Handouts
Subsidies and Toll Exemptions Drive the Market Infogalactic PageArchive Link

Clash Over Catalan Vote Heats Up in Spain as Police Swoop In
Government Crackdown on The Independence Vote Intensifying Infogalactic PageArchive Link
Roy Moore in lead of Alabama Senate seat
Even more winning ahead Infogalactic PageArchive Link

North Korea complains sanctions will kill children
Nk's concerned they wont be able to do it themselvesInfogalactic PageArchive Link

Federal Employees Ordered To Attend Anti-Leaking Classes
EPA First With Sessions This Week Infogalactic PageArchive Link

Trump: More North Korea Sanctions
Rocket Man Escalating Tensions Infogalactic PageArchive Link
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