24 November PM
25 November AM
25 November PM

Egypt: Militants Kill More Than 230 At Mosque
No Group Claims Attack Yet, But ISIS Has Attacked Sufis In Recent Past Infogalactic PageArchive Link

Guy blasts off in homemade rocket to prove earth flat
This Timeline is the best Timeline Infogalactic PageArchive Link

Congressional Russia Probe Likely to Carry Over to 2018
They're Trying Really Hard to Find Something Infogalactic PageArchive Link

Zimbabwe's Mnangagwa To Be Sworn In As President On Friday
Mugabe Steps Down After Nearly 40 Years Infogalactic PageArchive Link

Army Members Investigated For Misbehavior During Trump Trip
Four Accused Of Breaking Curfew, Improper Contact With Foreign Women Infogalactic PageArchive Link
Sessions Orders Review of Gun Background Checks System
Reaction to Texas Church Shooting Infogalactic PageArchive Link

"They Went After The Women Who Came Forward"
Former HHS Secretary Sebelius on the Clintons Infogalactic PageArchive Link
President Trump gives rousing Thanksgiving address
Most just thankful it wasn't President Hillary Infogalactic PageArchive Link

Ruling Party Assured Mugabe He Wouldn't Be Prosecuted
If He Resigned Infogalactic PageArchive Link

Small Michigan Township Blocks Nestle From Bottling Its Groundwater
Trend Forming of Municipalities Fighting Multinational Corporations Infogalactic PageArchive Link

Olympic Gymnastics Ex-Doctor Pleads Guilty To Sex Charges
Will Face At Least 25 Years In Prison Infogalactic PageArchive Link
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