15 January PM
16 January AM
16 January PM

Scores Injured As Indonesia Stock Exchange Building Lobby Floor Collapses
More Than 70 People Injured, No Deaths Reported So Far Infogalactic PageArchive Link
Chain Migration Expected to Add 8M Foreign-Born Voters to U.S.
U.S. Admits More Than 1.5 Million Every Year Infogalactic PageArchive Link

Double Suicide Bombing In Baghdad Kills 38
Struck During Rush Hour Infogalactic PageArchive Link

Senator's Don't Recall Trump Using Vugarity
Described As Gross Misrepresentation Infogalactic PageArchive Link

Missile-Alert Mistake Feeds Doubts About A Real Emergency
Residents And Tourists Remain Rattled Archive Link

'I'm Not Going Anywhere,' Rapped Defiant MS-13 Gang Member
Days Later, His Mutilated Body Found in Potomac River Infogalactic PageArchive Link

Bradley Manning to Run for Senate in Maryland
John Flynt Running for Congress In Massachusetts. World Insane. Infogalactic PageArchive Link

Turkey Vows To 'Drown' US-Backed Syrian Kurdish Border Force
Russia And Syria Also Reject The Plan Infogalactic PageArchive Link

US Set To Cut UN Money For Palestinian Refugees
Administration Preparing To Withhold Tens Of Millions Of Dollars Infogalactic PageArchive Link

Amish Ordered To Use Electricity
Will Probably Be Ordered To Bake Gay Wedding Cakes Next Infogalactic PageArchive Link

Israel Pays Citizens To Deport Africans
Back To Sh*tholia You Go Infogalactic PageArchive Link

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