19 March PM
20 March AM
20 March PM

Tim Allen: Hollywood Like Nazi Germany
"You Gotta Be Real Careful Around Here", "This is like 30's Germany"
Gorsuch Heads to Senate Hearings
Supreme Court Confirmation Begins

Russians Strike Base Deal In Syria
Agreement to Train Syrian Kurd Militia

NSA Was Spying on Trump
Infowars claims proof of surveillance

Factions Feud In Trump White House
New York Moderates vs. GOP Populists

Manchester Bomber's Family Has ISIS and Al Qaeda TiesInfogalactic Page

Manchester Police Make 3 More Bombing Arrests

Who's Happy, Who's Not
Norway Tops List, US Slides Lower

Britain Sets Brexit Beginning
May to Trigger Article 50 on March 29

30 Countries Refuse to Take Illegal Aliens Back
Will not Accept Deportation of Criminals

Muslim Shot Dead in Paris Airport
stole policewoman's gun

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